Mini charm pendant in Welo Opal and Copper

Mini charm pendant in Welo Opal and Copper

82,00 TAX inc.


  • Handmade in Florence by L'atelier Artisanal (Borgo Pinti 75r)
  • 100% natural stone and pure copper (oxidized)


Its name derives from the Latin "Opalus" which means "precious stone". The Opal has given its name to the phenomenon of “opalescence” typical of this stone's play of light and colors. The most beautiful specimens are found in Australia, Ethiopia and Mexico.
Fine stone appreciated since ancient times both for its beauty and for its magical properties. It was called the "Eye Stone" and used as a powerful amulet for any problem related to sight: from an anatomical but also a spiritual point of view, the Opal was used to develop clairvoyance and divinatory powers.
Gem present in many mythologies, for the Greeks the opals were Zeus' tears of joy after the defeat of the Titans, for the Native Americans the Opal was the young Rainbow Goddess transformed into stone by the Mother Goddess to protect her from the troublesome male Gods.
Stone linked to both the Fire element and the Water element: Intensifies the joy of living, makes it more spontaneous and strengthens feelings.
Its particular and powerful energy makes it the gem of seduction, non-conformism, happiness and optimism par excellence.
It gives the wearer an aura of mystery and charisma.