Amulet pendant in blue Labradorite and Copper

Amulet pendant in blue Labradorite and Copper

45,00 TAX inc.


  • Handmade in Florence by L'atelier Artisanal (Borgo Pinti 75r)
  • 100% natural stone and pure copper (oxidized)


It takes its name from Labrador, the region of Canada where it was first discovered in 700.
It is an iridescent and iridescent stone, known for the optical phenomenon of labradorescence: the sparkle of blue, purple, green, yellow or orange flashes, reminiscent of the wonderful Northern Lights. A beautiful Eskimo legend tells that the Northern Lights were once imprisoned in the rock along the coast of Labrador. A wandering Eskimo warrior, with spear strikes, released most of the lights trapped in the rock, and those that remained there formed the labradorite.
Highly mystical, labradorite stimulates the search for truth, allows forgotten memories to resurface, enhances intuition, artistic talent, strengthens the dream activity, makes it introspective.