Large Tree of Life Pendant in Apatite and Copper

Large Tree of Life Pendant in Apatite and Copper

60,00 TAX inc.


  • Handmade in Florence by L atelier Artisanal (Borgo Pinti 75r)
  • 100% natural stone and pure copper (oxidized)


The most common color of apatite is certainly blue, but this very versatile mineral can also be green, pink or yellow. It was often confused with other gems such as beryl or tourmaline. Her name derives from this confusion, in fact Apate, Greek Goddess, daughter of Nyx was the personification of deception and illusion.
Blue Apatite is a powerful mystical stone, closely linked to the sixth chakra, its element is air. This beautiful stone cleans the aura, helps us open the mind and the third eye, makes us introspective. Stone of inspiration, illuminating, it is useful for solving problems by finding creative solutions, activating intuition and helping us to communicate with guides. Projected towards the future, bearer of hope, it opens us to a positive vision of events. Also called "dream stone", Apatite strengthens the dream activity.