Amulet Pendant in Rainbow Moonstone, Sunstone (Heliolite) and Copper

Amulet Pendant in Rainbow Moonstone, Sunstone (Heliolite) and Copper

62,00 TAX inc.


  • Handmade in Florence by L'atelier Artisanal (Borgo Pinti 75r)
  • 100% natural stone and pure copper (oxidized)


The Rainbow Moonstone, also called white Labradorite, is a precious stone of great charm and beauty.
Its feature is a play of light when the stone changes position while moving, it occurs through the refraction of the sun's rays inside the stone, creating these fascinating refractive effects that recall the light of the night star.
Stone of lovers and engaged couples, it strengthens the bonds of love and frees from family conflicts. The bride is also advised to wear a Moonstone on her wedding day: it is the stone of femininity and fertility par excellence, it enhances sweetness, understanding and maternal love.
Its energy is connected to the moon and the water element. Work on the sphere of emotions and femininity: it brings emotional peace, serenity and harmony.
It stimulates patience and availability, compassion and gentleness even in men, helping them to accept their feminine side.
Combined with the Sun Stone (Eliolite) it allows to balance the forces that dominate the cosmos: yin and yang (male and female forces)